Just watching Girl Meets World when I noticed something


Take a closer look


Sound Familiar?


im not crying youre crying


why is it that when BROADWAY STARS sing musical theatre daily it makes them “TALENTED” and “TONY-NOMINATED” but when I sing musical theatre daily it makes me “ANNOYING” and “A PAIN IN THE ASS”

  • Elphaba: That's the girl he chose...and heaven knows...
  • Elphaba: I tried...don't let them in don't let them see...
  • Director: No, no wrong song! Let's just start the scene over!
  • Elphaba: Am I always starting over? In a brand new-
  • Director: No! You know what? Let's just take-
  • Elphaba: ME FOR WHAT I AMMM


Musicals and their cruel need to include reprises and heartbreaking song parallels.

favourite once upon a time quotes (4/?)


old clocktower converted into a penthouse

It’s like a real life Birds of Prey clock tower!!!!!


This advice is applicable in everything you do. Every great writer, actor, scientist, PERSON in general started out as nothing more than we are now: Students with a passion, a drive, a want to be something more. If they can do it, why can’t we?